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    Artwork by Sara-Jane Swettenham

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A psychedelic riff laden monster that blends Doom, Stoner Rock Hard Rock and Groove Rock. This album is dripping with class. Brilliant and highly recommended.

This is an unbelievably excellent debut release. One that you will never tire of.

It's just too bad that not a whole lot of people know of this band, because I think that they have the potential to do great things. If the rest of Sergeant Thunderhoof's releases are even better than this, then they will be instant hits.

Overall the EP is well structured and effectively demonstrates the bands diverse influences borrowing as much from thrash, post-metal and space rock as they do from traditional doom and desert rock. Even greater things are bound to follow – keep your eye on these guys.

A killer 5 track EP, stretching over 40 psychedelic doom drenched minutes.

A holy pyramid filled with crackling gritty riffs that move through the world of doom and stoner with a lot of psychedelic meandering. They transport you to a higher state of doom where mind altering and kaleidoscopic drums bash, pound, rattle or tick their love for the space rock that the Sergeant creates into your brain and turns it into the labyrinth out of which the creature once escaped. Like the rumbling bass in for instance ‘After Burner’ it ran so many years ago like an animal in rut through all the walls it once contained. And then there are the howling and haunting and unholy vocals that hypnotize and enchant as the freedom did for Sergeant Thunderhoof. So… Stand in attention and salute this mighty beast!


released April 9, 2014

Recorded at Stage 2 Studios Bath (UK)

Produced & Mixed by Ben Turner
Mastered by Optimum Mastering

Mark Sayer - Guitars
Jim Camp - Bass
Darren Ashman - Drums
Dan Flitcroft - Vocals

Original artwork by Sara-Jane Swettenham.


all rights reserved



Sergeant Thunderhoof Bath, UK

Psychedelic tinged heavy grooves from the mystical realms of Somerset in England.


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Track Name: Devil Whore
Let the shattering excite your little mind
When you suck it up you must commit to a holy life
Is it so wrong to comply if it fills your pockets so?
Slips and cracks in your filthy mind, shady corners fall
This wealth that you sit upon, is a devil bitches hands
And she’s pulling you across the floor, say hello to your devil whore
She’s a devil, she's evil, she's a devil
And you are gonna die
Tempts your pride….so you’re gonna die
Your sins don’t lie….so you’re gonna die
You won’t see the end until it smacks you in the face
This is what you bought
Shaking with your product, weighing on your soul
This is what you bought
You’ve got your balls to the wall, your head under the soil
Weighing on your soul
Balls to the wall, pockets full of gold
Weighing on your soul
Track Name: Pity For The Son
The air, the sky, the heavens. A beautiful lie.
How were we to know? Deceived and disappointed.
By the lights you choose to show, is that all?
Through the fog we have confused.
This thought we once amused.
They’ll keep on blocking your thoughts…. Of love
Pity for the son, cleaved from the beating heart
Covered in human blood of your God
In a world of death and gold, we were sitting pretty
I’m happy to be what you want…..a dog
A truth can split the light, God it tastes so fine
As it snakes it’s way down your throat
Pity for the son, cleaved from the beating heart
Covered in human blood of your God
Wash away the stain, make us clean again
Shimmering with love, pray we last another day
Track Name: Om Asato Ma Sadgamaya
Lungs strained with the panic of a thousand suns
Time enough to wish you well
On distant lands we’ll breathe again
If I told you this was illusion
And the truth you seek is lies
Would you move on by?
From the reflection in your eyes?
Oh yeah! We’ll rise up!
Oh yeah! And watch you fall
Tracing all the footsteps of a thousand suns
The path of the righteous buried below
Thoughts crushed by the prison within you
Tell me that you’re sick of repeating
What the moral majority say
It’s time to move the other way
It’s time to move the other way!
Oh yeah! We’ll rise up!
Oh yeah! And watch you fall
You’ve got nothing to offer
Nothing but lies
Om Asato Ma Sadgamaya
Track Name: Lunar Worship
Betrayed by thoughts and time
Ravaged by the wind and rain
Your perception will slowly dissolve
Happy was the word that we heard from time to time
Dancing with the shadows above
They said the light is the way
But they came from the sky!
The soldiers have returned baring burdens for us all
Upon their heads our hearts can bleed
And yet we ask for more
Beat them to the floor
Because it's all that matters to me
They said the light is the way
But they came from the sky!
Such greed and selfish pride, dipping into others lives
Your ego knows no human bounds
As transparent as your birth is your hatred for love
We all deserve a blessed life
They said the light is the way
But they came from the sky!
This life is all we know, the water burns us all
No more I. Only love
Let the bird take flight for us all
Track Name: After Burner
In mushroom coloured halls, salted sheets of flesh
Forever lost in a haze of wishful thought
They came with their light many years ago
And we kept setting fires to memories of old
Inside we’re burning to fight a war, why?
This silent turning, you’ve been sold a lie
We could never believe, never accept the surreal
Bitter sweet the taste of what we see and feel
But can’t you see? It’s you and me
Inside we’re burning to fight a war, why?
This silent turning, you’ve been sold a lie
Sons and daughters of your blood, why?
It’s never ending, forever burning, why?

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